Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So I'm back

So I'm back riding again. Well, I went on a ride Saturday for 30 miles which was my first ride over ten minutes since late August. It felt great to be on the bike again. I sorely needed the time off. I believe that even though I have a huge amount of fitness to regain I will have the proper motivation to do so when the time is right. Time looks tight until about April but then things should calm down. If I can get 100 miles per week until then I should be OK. Weekday riding is pretty much out of the question - unless I just make cycling a complete priority and neglect other, more important parts of my life for it (which I am not going to do at age 32). I hope to get out there though and be somewhat competitive in the spring because I have come to realize how important riding and racing are to me.
Been running a lot though.
I cannot wait to represent M1 in '10!
*my run (7 miles) on Sunday was my best "long" run ever. I directly attribute this due to cycling on Saturday. Someone told me that cycling helps your running once, and I believe them. Its not supposed to work the other way around - I will post my findings on this blog.
Work is getting really interesting. Picked up some new duties there...will report on this one later on when I find out what really is going on. All good things but this one is to be continued...
My last semester looks to be bitch though - 3 book reviews, 4 projects (8-15 pages ea.), a one hour solo powerpoint, journals each week (2 pages), and a five page culminating paper. Lots of nights and Saturdays and Sunday mornings. I can only do this stuff in the morning as I cannot read or write anything useful after noon and before like 9:00PM.

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