Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I rode down the bikepath after work today. The bikepath is a dirt path south of where that ice cream place is in Riverside. Its was really messed up down there. I rode down to Bullocks Point - there is a little neighborhood down there that isn't bad to ride in.

I actually got a flat from a seashell - tons of shells all over the path right down in EP where the path runs parallel to the bay.

I did cross the Washington Bridge adjacent to 195. The traffic was stopped dead. There is a bit of cyclocross involved though - some guardrails to get over on the Providence side. The fence there really doesn't stop you.

At home: pullups, diamond pushups, hanging leg raises and bicycles.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Procrastination Must End...Tomorrow. Maybe Thursday.

I admire the work ethics of my fellow cyclists. I'm falling behind in this regard. I'm hoping to get on the trainer tonight - I had it planned all day. Maybe I'll get on it, maybe not. Damn anti-motivational demons on my shoulders.

My plan was to ride my bike up to Patriots rally at Gillette. It began snowing and I promptly decided that riding up there was not a prudent idea. So I hung out and did some work, bought groceries - in Seekonk, call some friends I haven't spoken to in a while, washed the floors, cleaned the bathroom, took the dog on that 'long' walk, played video games, cleaned up that room in my house I've been meaning to get to for the last year, emailed voraciously, read a few pages in a book I didn't like, took a nap, looked at trainer numerous times per hour, and looked at bike many times. The previous situation is called procrastination.

Running has been my savior this winter. I'm up to one hour, which makes me sore as hell if I go hard. Yes, I went hard on Sunday.The exterior part of my thighs and a small area just exterior of my VMO (medial aspect of the knee) get really sore. Sore enough so other people comment about how slow I'm walking - especially up stairs. It feels like I can run forever if I run easy though - but I'm slow.

I took the MAT test to get finally enrolled in my masters program. I probably should have done this long ago - as I could qualify for loans. Loans for school would make my cycling life a lot easier.