Sunday, January 31, 2010

Someone stole our recycle bin

Yes, someone has stolen the green recycle bin from my house. The do not pick up the trash unless the green bin is next to the blue bin. Trash has not been picked up for two weeks. They also got a nifty new truck that automatically picks up the bins. This is shit as now the guy just drives around and has this arm that picks up bins whereas they used to pick up all the shit on the street - so now there are mattresses, boxsprings, chairs, trees, child's toys, broken up beds etc... all over the city. Not to mention people who most likely have been laid off.
Usually I would be three sheets to the wind as the Superbowl should be on but they have moved it up to February. The Pro-Bowl doesn't do it for me. Anyway, I've got two rides in this week and two solid runs which is a successful week for me right now. I did a Gold's Gym triathlon day - 4 miles aerobic on the treadmill and then ten miles or about :40 minutes on the virtual reality spin bike. This was a great workout, as it was uphill nearly all the way. It wasn't totally accurate but it was pretty close, there was a power output section, heart rate, and cadence and an approximation of speed.
Everything has been inside as I'm not punishing myself right now in the cold. I'm waiting for some warmer weather to seriously start putting the miles in, its a long season and I've burnt myself out in the past training hard at this point in the year. Regardless, I hope to be in something approaching racing shape for the beginning of June or at most July. I should get into something approaching cat. 3 flat race field fodder fitness much sooner than that. Despite being out of bike racing shape, I'm still doing all the early season stuff because I like doing that stuff.
Running is going okay - did my personal best in the mile the other day. Could not imagine doing that for 3 miles or for 6 miles for that matter. Goal is to run a half marathon - sanctioned or not. I don't care. I've got to do the St. Pats 5K in March to represent my Irish heritage, or so that's what I tell myself.
Rode the homemade moped yesterday. It was cold and it took forever for it to start but start it did. There is some shit coming out of the exhaust when I stopped and let it rest. I bought a speedometer for it so I can post speed reports later on.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So I'm back

So I'm back riding again. Well, I went on a ride Saturday for 30 miles which was my first ride over ten minutes since late August. It felt great to be on the bike again. I sorely needed the time off. I believe that even though I have a huge amount of fitness to regain I will have the proper motivation to do so when the time is right. Time looks tight until about April but then things should calm down. If I can get 100 miles per week until then I should be OK. Weekday riding is pretty much out of the question - unless I just make cycling a complete priority and neglect other, more important parts of my life for it (which I am not going to do at age 32). I hope to get out there though and be somewhat competitive in the spring because I have come to realize how important riding and racing are to me.
Been running a lot though.
I cannot wait to represent M1 in '10!
*my run (7 miles) on Sunday was my best "long" run ever. I directly attribute this due to cycling on Saturday. Someone told me that cycling helps your running once, and I believe them. Its not supposed to work the other way around - I will post my findings on this blog.
Work is getting really interesting. Picked up some new duties there...will report on this one later on when I find out what really is going on. All good things but this one is to be continued...
My last semester looks to be bitch though - 3 book reviews, 4 projects (8-15 pages ea.), a one hour solo powerpoint, journals each week (2 pages), and a five page culminating paper. Lots of nights and Saturdays and Sunday mornings. I can only do this stuff in the morning as I cannot read or write anything useful after noon and before like 9:00PM.