Friday, August 19, 2011

Its been a while

So its been a while since I've updated this. I've been busy.
Finished up my first year as an assistant principal in Providence, went away a bunch, took a class and been basically just enjoying myself.
Since last Sunday (like August 7) I have had some form of an upper respiratory infection which has transitioned into bronchitis. Its almost gone now but I'm still coughing and ejecting phlegm. The past four days I've managed to run though. I had a legit fever for three days last week - a rotten experience in August. Make no mistake about this, lower respiratory tract stuff impairs my ability to train.

Monday - Off
Tuesday - 6.7 easy
Wednesday - 4 (Marc Berry's running bachelor party - long story)
Thursday - 5.5...mostly speedwork at the Hope track - did a 400 at 75, then 4 x 800 about 3 min/ea but the first 2 about 2:50. Did not feel fast but I still feel as if its a step in the right direction as I couldn't fathom doing these last week. And yes, I was hungover.
Friday - 7.06 easy

Making my way to Burlington tomorrow for Sarah's triathlon then up to Montreal for the night before coming back. Leaving at 0330 today - or is it tomorrow? Regardless, I should have some great pictures for later on.
I'm going to target a series of races early in September. I ran the Blessing in late July - proving what happens when you go out too hard. Then I got sick. Its time to get my thoroughly mediocre form back and I'm psyched to do so.