Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Currently in a stress induced dream of vacation - taking it easy in a land without projects, papers, telephones, email, and cold weather. I have passed the threshold of productivity and now am on the downward slide towards burnout. Not a good place to be when I have to coordinate a major event and presentation on Friday.

Ditched the workout today - planned 2h. Since I came home exhausted and couldn't motivate at all - even the little tricks I've learned to use over the years to motivate didn't work. Looked at old race results, put on music I love, watched, and read biographies of athletes whom have more demanding lives than my own. I have a theory about this - I know that if I really don't want to ride there is always a good reason. No one person is an island and this most certainly includes me despite my desire for this to be the contrary. It is just so difficult to quantify stress and its effect on our lives. So this ends my public act of contrition for not training and thus wasting a perfectly good training day. Not to worry, there will plenty of days when its raining, windy and cold that I'll be out there. I did get a solid half hour tempo session in on Monday...maybe I just need to forget about midweek distance stuff and just focus on intensity threshold building stuff. Tomorrow I've penciled in 2x:20 threshold intervals. Friday has happy hour penciled in...actually I wrote that one in pen because its not changing.

I've hit Wells the past couple of weekends - been a lot of fun. I like racing there and have felt pretty good at times during the race. This thing has been pretty fast - the first ten laps or so last Sunday were extra fast. I did get taken out in the first corner the weekend before last but it wasn't that bad - I jumped back in after a few laps off and some bike adjustments. Adjustments which included putting my saddle back on the rails. Still kinda sore from this though - esp. my right shoulder.