Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lamest Summer Ever

2009 has played host to what is quite possibly the lamest summer ever experienced by this author. Several factors have contributed in making '09 lame.
Factor 1: Economic recession/depression. Economic Depression related issues get my number one vote for why this summer has been so lame. Many good, talented people are sadly out of work or working at jobs which have no prospect of offering much in the future. Those with jobs frequently have anxiety about losing them. On a personal note the great recession has impeded any attempts to go away.
Factor 2: Weather. It rains too much. While rain has great rejuvenating qualities to it and psychologically it has a soothing effect it has rained far too much for comfort this summer.
Factor 3: Cycling burnout. Just not into training at this point. Racing yes. Training no. Taking some time off the bike. Going to the gym, running the track and treadmill in place of cycling. Running 20 EZ miles a week without awful muscle soreness. Is 40 miles/week a possibility? And another thing - how quickly one forgets what kinds of freaks of nature inhabit gyms? Example: While benching 315 lbs is admirable, using really bad/heinous form without a spotter is just plain stupid. What is the point? Another really common practice one will witness at the gym is the fact that just about nobody does legs or lower back. Personally, this is a benefit because those pieces of equipment are always open.
Factor 4: Summer job. Far more stressful than it has to be. Details are not needed because they will be offensive.
Will 2009 turn around? Time will tell. I will repost later on with other factors relating to the lameness of 2009.